Climate Change and Anthropocene Exhibition Map — a collaborative tool for the communication and study of climate change exhibitions around the world

On the stage of scientific and political debates for decades, Climate Change is also gaining space in exhibitions. The main goal of this presentation is to present and debate the potentialities of a beta version of an online platform we are building with data from climate change exhibitions around the world. We hope this tool will be both an information pool that helps research on museums and climate change, and space of debate between peers and community.

This work is part of a PhD project on History and Philosophy of Science/Museology[1]. The research had started with a closed focus on scientific climate change exhibitions in the Iberian Peninsula. After we have visited 21 science museums, we have observed that references to climate change in permanent exhibitions are not common and are mostly about deep past climate changes and their influence on life evolution. The year of 2016 seems to be an important year on the appearance of temporary exhibitions about contemporary climate changes.

International landmarks in the debate of climate change seemed to play a role in the fluctuation of exhibitions numbers trough time. This hypothesis led to the compilation of data from around the world, and apparently, the scenario is the same we found in Portugal and Spain: the number of exhibitions increases during some international events (e.g. 5th IPCC Report launch, COP 16 and COP 21). The exercise of collecting and analyse global data had also revealed two other interesting facts: the number of art exhibitions about climate change seems to be almost the same that scientific exhibitions. And also the Anthropocene started to be a concept closely related to the global environmental crisis.

To better understand the collected data, and in order to both collecting new information and share all data with researchers, we have created an online collaborative tool that allows researchers, museums trustees, artists and visitors to add, explore, search and map information about exhibitions.

Key words: Museums, Exhibitions, Climate Change, Anthropocene

[1] This research is directed by Dr. Maria de Fátima Nunes (University of Évora), Dr. Anabela Carvalho (University of Minho) & Dr. Pedro Casaleiro (University of Coimbra)


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Natália Melo Doctoral Programme on History and Philosophy of Science – University of Évora; Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Culture and Societies (CIDEHUS | University of Évora) Portugal
Ivo Santos Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Culture and Societies (CIDEHUS | University of Évora) Portugal